Memberships discount condition : The discount code given at the beginning of the month is only available for an order of up to $ 200. The discount code renews this every beginning of the month upon payment received.

Memberships terms of cancelation : If you want to cancel your membership just mail our team at also every cancelation will be applied for your next payement. No refunds for the effective one.

Memberships subscription change : If in the case you would like to downgrade or upgrade your membership subscription just contact our team and they will process all requests case by case.

Memberships physics cards : If you're eligible at our free physics cards (by a subscription at our gold or platinum offers) we will send you a card as soon as possible and we keep the right to cancel the sending if any problems happened.


Memberships giveaway : We will send you items or clothes according to your subscription. This cannot necessarily correspond to your subscription date but rather to your birthday or after one year of subscription. 

Memberships V.I.P. assistance access : When you subscribe to any of our offers you will have an access to a V.I.P. assistance if you have any question or problem. That's mean regardless you're question or your problem you will be in the top list automatically.

Memberships event invitation : The event invitation for the Platinum offer only offers you the entrance tickets and not the trips (plane, train, boat, hotel..) We usually have most of our events in France, Asia and USA.

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